Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Mental health issues are something we both care about.

Mental health issues is one of those things people don’t want to talk about, for fear of being seen as ‘weird’ or ‘strange’. It still carries a social stigma, even in the twenty first century. We are made to feel ashamed if our brain doesn’t function as it should. Fears and insecurities, we all have them, some to a worse degree than others, but it isn’t something that we like to discuss out in the open. And that in itself often makes matters even worse.

Yet when you look at the details of these things, the symptoms and the way a person feels when they suffer with this or any other anxiety disorder, you realise that you, too, feel that way many times, and you wonder if you, too, suffer with it. Maybe you do but you’re unaware of it, or you ‘manage’ it without even realising. We have seen ourselves in those symptoms, can identify with the fear, the sleeplessness, the brain that won’t switch off. We jump awake at night if we hear a noise in the house. We worry, we get scared, we feel alone, vulnerable, wish we had someone to talk to. But we bury it down deep and try like mad to work our way through life.

Each day we will post a sound bite, containing some information and the source of that info, for those that wish to read further.