These Three Girls Inspired a New Animal Protection Law

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Three girls from Illinois were the force behind a new law that increases penalties for animal abusers. 

Brooke Martin, Claire Hackmann and Maddie O’Dell

Brooke Martin, Claire Hackmann and Maddie O’Dell became animal welfare activists after reading a book about two kids who rescued a puppy from a puppy mill, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The three third-graders contacted their state representative, gave a school presentation and collected signatures from other students and community members. Finally, they testified before the Illinois House Agriculture and Conservation Committee.

The bill passed both houses in May, and Gov. Pat Quinn signed the bill on Saturday at the no-kill shelter PAWS Chicago. The law raises the fine for a first violation of the Animal Welfare Act from $200 to $500 and a second violation from $500 to $1,000. A third violation now results in a $2,500 fine plus probationary status, all effective immediately.

Source: Daily Herald via The Daily Saint

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