This Journey of Life

This quote makes me think of a particular group of friends.

A tragedy brought us together; people of different ages, different spiritualities, in different countries and time zones. We met through twitter or Facebook, and we wouldn’t have met at all without caring about this one thing, something that’s affected us all deeply. Some are leaders, some are quieter but supportive; some are hugely positive people, others more reflective; some are tactful, others more brash; but we all share one thing: a compassionate, caring nature.

Real friendships have been forged, friendships that will last long past the event that caused us to gather together. We’ve supported each other through personal pain, celebrated each others good news. Some of us have met and been able to laugh and cry together.

Tough times are behind us, and more tough times are ahead. I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without these people walking the same rocky road with me.

So, here’s to friendship forged in adversity and continued into prosperity!

Different Times