An Elephant’s Faithful One-Hundred Percent

‘I meant what I said, and I said what I meant – an elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent’
Dr Seuss

Elephants are wonderful creatures. If ever you need a friend, an elephant would be the way to go. They have large ears, all the better to listen with. Big hearts and plenty of empathy. They’ll use their tusks to protect you, hold you steady, keep you upright. They have strong family ties. They like to cuddle and reassure each other and have love by the trunkful (groan!). They come together in solidarity when faced with danger and if need be, they can uproot the seemingly immovable. And they know that sometimes, to look out for one another, you have to roll around in the dirt. But best of all, elephants never forget. They store up all that is necessary to protect the ones they love.

If only humanity could learn from that.