Mabon Blessings

The Autumn Equinox occurs between 21st and 23rd of September, and this year falls on the 23rd.



Mabon is a balancing point, the day when the sun has equal hours in and out of the sky. It’s also the second harvest; at this time, food is prepared for storage, jams and pickles are made, and fruits are preserved for the coming winter.

Pagans celebrate Mabon as a Thanksgiving rite, a celebration of harvest abundance, an appreciation of hearth, home and family. It’s a time to reap what you have sown; to finish up old projects and plans. To look back on your life and plan for the future. In the cycle of the year, this is a time of rest and celebration.


Leaves fall, the days grow cold,
The Goddess pulls her mantle
of Earth around Her.
As you, O Great Sun God,
sail toward the West to the
Land of Eternal Enchantment
Wrapped in the coolness
of the Night.
Fruits ripen, seeds drip
The hours of Day and Night
are balanced.