Tarot Tuesday: Hermit, Hierophant and 8 of Swords

There’s a feeling of being cut off from the people closest to you, of isolation, and also a need to break free from something but being unable to see how to do that.

You are having to conform and obey other people’s rules for a time. This might be a good thing, as it now gives you the chance to look deep inside yourself to find answers to long term issues, to review and reflect on your life. Try not to fight it; accept things as they are for now and look to your inner self – it’s your spiritual and emotional being that needs looking after now, not the external part of your life. Read; study; open your mind to new ideas and philosophies. In time, this will help you see the way free from the conflicts and restrictions you currently feel are holding you back.

Look inwards, not outwards.


Hermit, Hierophant & 8 of Swords