Kindness Is Happiness


(Story and photo from Mirror newspaper. Click for original article.)

Go on, admit it. You saw this little girl’s smile and it made you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Her name is Brooke Hayes and she is three. She was born with a congenital abnormality that left her without fingers on her left hand. Mum Nichola feared her daughter would be subject to a lifetime of bullying until one kind stranger changed both of their lives for the better. Now Brooke can play with her toys and her cat and the new bike she’s getting for her birthday in May (but shush, don’t tell her about that! You’ll ruin the surprise).

Nichola declined the only option given to her by doctors, of putting toes on Brooke’s fingers, fearing she’d be swapping one deformity for another. But then she learned of a child in Scotland who had received a 3D printed hand. Nichola contacted the non-profit organisation e-NABLE, who make free 3d-printed prosthetic hands. Volunteer Drew Murray asked for Brooke’s favourite colours and made the 250-mile round trip to fit the little girl with a pink prosthetic hand. Now, thanks to the ‘helping hands’ of e-NABLE, Brooke can play like any other kid her age.

Happiness: in the end it’s all about the kindness.