The Katie Cutler Foundation

Katie Cutler is a young mother who, in an act of kindness, changed someones life, and that is now changing hers.

In January of this year, Katie heard of an elderly and frail disabled man, Alan Barnes, who had been assaulted on his doorstep and was too afraid to live there any more. She says this on her website:-

“Having read an article in January 2015 where a disabled Man named “Alan Barnes” had been assaulted outside his home, I was moved by his plight, especially as I read Mr Barnes was afraid to return home due to fear. I decided to start a fundraising campaign using social media with a fundraising target of £500 which was to be passed to Mr Barnes to assist his recovery. The target was reached within hours and over following days, the money poured in from the public from as far as the USA, as his story and the subsequent fundraising went viral. Within 21 days, over £330k had been raised which was later donated to Alan during a lavish charity fundraising event in Newcastle which was aired live on TV.”

She has been asked to help fund raise for other people in need of help, and to do that she’s set up a foundation, with the aim of raising £1 million.

You can find out more, and donate, here.