Run, Girl, Run Part 2

So, I completed the 10k run at the Olympic stadium. And, after some faffing about with emails to find my correct time, a personal best! (Initially my ‘official’ time was 2 hours, which I knew was completely wrong – I could have walked it in that.) That, despite the heat, the hills (and there were quite a few; not steep, but frequent), and the poor night’s sleep – staying at a pub that has a live band that starts performing at 11pm until 2am probably wasn’t the best choice, not to mention the traffic, the aircon rattling and the many and lengthy arguments going on in the street…

Coming into the stadium tunnels for the final part of the run, they played Chariots of Fire at you, along with the sound of a huge crowd cheering you on. It affected all those I know who took part, we got very emotional at that point. And strange fact – when we got onto the track, it smelled of rubber! I hadn’t given any thought to what it might smell like, but none of us were expecting that!

The ‘aftercare’ could have been better – the volunteers knew nothing (like Jon Snow!), there were only large t-shirts left (which means that you could literally get two of me in it – even the small are a bit too big, if the Birmingham run t-shirts are anything to go by, but this is enormous), and once we’d managed to find our guests, which took a while because of the aforementioned Jon Snows knowing nothing, they then moved us, twice, to different blocks.

Still and all, it was a great experience. I may do it again next year, but the specialness of the place will have worn off, as it’s going to become a football (soccer to our US friends 🙂 ) stadium shortly. And they’re ten a penny.

Now, given I totally lack any kind of dedication, I’m wondering if I could manage a half marathon. I can walk 13 miles, certainly, but can I put in the required effort needed to attempt to run most/half of it (some will be walked, as with this and the previous 10k). I really don’t know. If I want to do the one in October here in Birmingham, I need to make my mind up soon.

Decisions, decisions…

Newham Collage