Tarot Tuesday: 2 of Wands

So, decision time. Which path to take?

Obviously, only you can decide that, whether you choose to ask others for advice or not. If it’s a choice that’s going to affect other people, those closest to you, it might be polite to at least talk it over with them before coming to a decision.

Ultimately, though, it’s your decision alone. What’s best for you? Or at least, what do you think is best for you? Either path could lead to disaster; there’s no real way of knowing. However, either could also lead to success. Both could lead to disaster or success, but you can only choose one, and if you don’t choose, you’ll never move forward from where you are, never find out if you could have had more good luck than you realised, or never learned the lessons that failure teaches if it didn’t work out.

Make your choice, because whether it’s right or wrong, there’s something to be learned from it. And all lessons lead to growth.

2 of Wands