Tarot Tuesday: The Lovers

This is not, as you might think, a card about love. It’s a card that means there’s a difficult choice coming up, one that is important but hard to make, a choice between two incompatible things. Yes, it may be about a relationship, but not necessarily.

The card shows a man and a woman in an apparent embrace, but look closer, look at how he’s holding her – is she being restrained? Is it really a loving embrace, or is she wanting to get away? Perhaps she does want to be with him, but also feels that he’s holding her back, limiting her choices in some way.

This is the kind of choice you face – possibly wanting something or someone, but realising that it/they are also preventing you from doing or being the best you can. You have to work out which is more important to you, which is going to be the bigger sacrifice, and whether you want (or need) to make that sacrifice.

Think hard, think well, and then do it.