Random Fact: Velodromes

Modern velodromes are all oval and of a standard size, but the oldest one in the UK, built in 1877 in Brighton, is 1900 ft long and features four straights linked by banked curves, whereas the one in Portsmouth has only one straight linked by one long curve and is 1759 ft. Early surfaces included cinders or shale, although concrete, asphalt and tarmac became more common later on.

International competitions like the Olympics led to standardisation; since 1990, events are usually held in velodromes with a 250m track.

The velodrome at Calshot, Hampshire, UK is only 142m and has a particularly steep banking as it was designed to fit into an aircraft hangar. The one in London, Ontario, Canada is the shortest at only 138m – this one also has steep banking as it was built to fit into a hockey arena.

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