Bristol Half Marathon

Well, that’s that done!

It wasn’t the most pleasant day initially, weather-wise – whilst it was nice and cool, it was also dreary and rainy. Showers off and on while we waited to start meant my sweatshirt was damp by the time I put it in my backpack and stored it on the bus – a fact I forgot when I put it on after!

Still, it cleared up a little for us to run the first mile or so. Then the heavens opened and it threw it down for a time – enough time for my trainers and socks to get waterlogged, and my mascara to disappear… (the trick to looking ‘glamorous’ during and after the run, I’ve discovered – mascara and a bright lipstick!). It did get better after that, and the sun even came out, which made for a lovely run through the Avon Gorge.

Not having done this distance before, when I registered I’d chosen the longest time that was available; three hours. In training, my quickest time was 2:38. This course is pretty much flat for the first eight miles or so, and even when you’re back in the city, it’s not that bad. Still, I was shocked when I caught up with the 2:30 pacemaker! Despite losing sight of her in the last couple of miles, I completed the run in:



Will I do it again? Maybe. Despite the pain I was in later (knees complained that evening, the thighs the next day. And yesterday. They’re really upset about it all…). Not until next year, though! And I can safely say, I think, that a full marathon is out of the question. I lack the dedication needed to train for that distance, and I’d probably need a wheelchair for a week afterwards! Huge respect for those mad enough to do it ❤


The end is in sight!