Random Facts: Colour

The expression “the blues” for a feeling of melancholy dates back to the 18th century.

An irrational fear of colours is called chromophobia or chromatophobia. Hypersensitivity to the colour red, including a fear of blushing, is erythrophobia.

The four colours most frequently mentioned in the King James Bible are red (53 times), scarlet (52), blue (50), purple (48) and green (41). There are 75 references to white and only 18 for black.

Alpaca wool from Peru comes in 22 natural colours, the most of any wool-producing animal.

Research has shown that hot chocolate tastes best when drunk from an orange cup or mug.

Bees and sea lions cannot see the colour red; zebras cannot see orange.

Research has shown that red and yellow increase our hunger, which explains why most major fast food chains have red or yellow logos. This has been termed the “Ketchup and Mustard Theory”.