Random Facts: Simon Bolivar

SOUTH American revolutionary and liberator Simon Bolivar was born in Venezuela on 24th July 1783. It’s Simon Bolivar Day in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, which is named after him.

He overthrew Spanish rule in those countries as well as Peru and Panama and became president of Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

Until 1825 Bolivia was known as the region of Charcas. Earlier, it was part of the Incan Empire. After 1825 it was briefly known as Republic of Bolivar which was quickly changed to “Bolivia”.

In 2011 Bolivia passed its Law of Mother Earth, granting all of nature equal rights to humans.

Bolivia has the world’s largest salt flats which include the Palacio de Sal (salt palace), a hotel built with a million blocks of salt.

Bolivia has 37 official languages: Spanish and 36 indigenous languages, some of which are extinct.

Guinea pigs form a major part of the diet in Bolivia, particularly on special occasions.

More Brazil nuts come from Bolivia than Brazil. In fact, Bolivia is the world’s largest producer.

(A day late, but better late than never!)