Random Facts: Coffee

According to legend, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia around 800AD through its effect on goats.

In terms of financial value, the two most traded commodities in the world are oil and coffee.

The world’s most expensive coffee is Sumatran Kopi Luwak, made from beans eaten and excreted by a civet cat before being processed.

The standard unit for measuring coffee volume is the “bag” which is equal to 60kg of coffee beans. Brazil led the world coffee export league during 2016 with a total of 55 million bags, while second-placed Vietnam exported around 25 million bags.

According to a recent survey, 61 percent of Britons now prefer coffee to tea.

Robert Dahl of Germany has the world’s largest collection of coffee pots, 27,390 at the last count.

Decaffeinated coffee contains 2-12 milligrams of coffee per cup. Regular coffee has 95-200mg.