Television Presenter Gets Chills From a Single Mom’s Note About a Stranger’s Kindness

Kindness still exists ❤

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A touching note from a single mom posted on the Facebook page of San Francisco television anchor Frank Somerville has been liked 22,000 times and is being shared around the world.

The story is a moving tale about a 29-year-old single mom with four daughters, stuck in the parking lot of a grocery store with a broken down truck in a rainstorm. The family’s truck had a dead battery, a bad alternator belt, a leaky tire and other problems.

Mom’s cell phone was also disconnected.

Below isTawny Nelsonwith three of her four lovely children.

Tawny Nelson
Television anchor Frank Somerville said:

“She(Tawny) just told me about what happened to her in Florida and how a 74 year old man knocking on the window of her truck has helped restore her faith in people.

(I swear I got chills when I read what happened next)

Here’s what she wrote me;”


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