Random Facts: Bananas

The word “banana” came to us from Spanish or Portuguese and was first seen in English in 1597.

The scientific name for a banana is “musa sapientum” which means “fruit of the wise man”.

The origin of the phrase “go bananas” is not clear. It dates from the 1950s and may stem from the older phrase “go ape” for going wild or crazy.

“Bananaland” has been a slang term for Queensland, Australia since 1898.

India tops the league of banana production, followed by China, the Philippines, and Brazil.

Bananas have been produced in greenhouses in Iceland since 1941 but only in very small numbers.

The first president of Zimbabwe, from 1980-87, was Canaan Banana.

In 2016, China’s Culture Ministry was reported to have banned women from “seductively eating bananas” online.